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FSI is a multi-business company that is engaged in diverse businesses ranging from Digital Marketing, Staffing Services, Start-Up Incubation & Funding, Investment & Advisory to Business Process Management. Powered by strategic purpose, we put partnership to work and set the direction to deliver value.


Founded in 2000’s in heartland of North Dakota – Fargo, FSI began operations as Staffing solution provider.

As we grew alongside our clients with talent pool and capabilities, we expanded our operations to Investment & Consulting, Start-up funding, Digital Marketing and then to Business Process Management & umbrella services.

Since then, we’ve fuelled the belief that with the Right fit Human Capital, Business Strategy coupled with Finance can empower people to transform the world. One mission: Empower ideas with capabilities, businesses acumen, and workforce solution by investing in all to deliver performance of the organizations we serve.

Our underlying principle is to “Deliver Results”; FSI goes all in addressing challenges, so you can make the most of every opportunity. We pride our success on our founding values.

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